Limited edition baby nests with Bonnie and Dyed

A few weeks ago we asked our followers on social media what type of Bubnest designs they were interested in. We received heaps of suggestions and one of them was tie dye! Why not?! So we decided to do a collaboration with Amy, the talented lady behind the Gold Coast business Bonnie and Dyed. We sent a batch of organic fabric for Amy to work her magic on and it came back just spectacular! 

So please meet Amy and read about the story behind Bonnie and Dyed below. Make sure you try her mum-hack, it sounds too good to be true! 

Tell us about Bonnie and Dyed and how it came about.

I started Bonnie and Dyed after my first baby was born. I grew a love for tie dye  when I was pregnant with her and couldn’t stop creating while I was on maternity leave. It kept me busy and I think a bit of art is therapeutic! My friends started asking me to dye items for their babies and then I decided to open a little business because no one wears tie dye better than babies. 

What did you do before Bonnie and Dyed? 

I managed a boost juice bar for 8years! We even spoke about buying our own franchise at one point. It was a really fun job that I loved but after being a mama and creator from home I could never imagine going back. 

What made you start the business? 

When I was pregnant with my first (Bonnie) I was having trouble finding cute clothes that weren’t pink, and covered in prints/ sequins so I decided to dye a batch of onesies in a vibrant purple- I haven’t been able to stop since! The sky is the limit. 

How do you balance being a mum and running a business? 

It is chaotic and I often ask myself if there is such thing as “balance” but I try to focus on my girls through the day and work at night and on weekends when my husband is home to help. You’ll often find my chucking on a batch of ice dye through the day when the time is right and the girls are happily playing. 

What’s your advice for other mums that would like to start their own business?

Chase your dream! The good times outweigh the bad and you can spend as much time as you want with your precious babies! I have so much respect for every mum trying to bring an income in at the same time as raising little humans! My advice would be not to put too much pressure on yourself to get work done if the kids aren’t letting you they probably need you more then work does. 

What is most challenging with motherhood and what do you love the most? 

For me, it would have to be getting enough sleep and finding enough “me time” that’s where I struggle most I think. I give my all to the girls but often forget about myself - I’ll work on that. 

What I love the most is probably what every mum loves - watching your babies grow, laugh, dance, love each other and blossom into their own little personalities! 

We have horses and head out to their paddock to feed them every afternoon and I love the escape from the house and watching the girls enjoy nature and animals every day.

What’s your best mum hack?

That’s easy! Baby powder at the beach! I’m obsessed with this hack, sprinkle a bit of powder on their sandy feet/ bums/ legs and the sand wipes straight off haha as much as I love dirty kids I also love making them all clean after beach adventures. 

If you want to check out the Bonnie and Dyed collection, go to Amy's shop here.



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