Top 20 tips on how to get through a sleep deprived day

What’s your best trick to get through a day when you are badly sleep deprived? Our followers are the best experts we know so we asked them on social media and received heaps of responses. Below are the top 20 tips to sleepy mums from sleepy mums. Oftentimes a combination of them seemed to do the trick! 

We also thought these comments were particularly cute or had some good ideas:

"Just look at that little bub and smile knowing they are the best reason to be so sleep deprived and know that one day you will miss that feeling... oh and coffee" @kyliew__

"For me tired days are always eased by a moment in the sun barefoot with soft grass between my toes. That moment of connection always seems to pick me up whether it is spent with the kids or alone during nap time. 🌿" @jessie.boyes

"Music! Always a mood changer. Playing some old hits to sing along to gives me energy. My baby LOVES my horrible singing voice so much she gives me big gummy smiles and giggles." @sarahlucilee 

"Not long ago had baby no.4. A strong coffee with some music on and dance around with the kids. Makes us laugh and makes me feel happy and usually forget about my tired state loI " @emmasfood4lifecooking

"A time frame! I say to myself - ok, you’re allowed to feel sorry for yourself until 10:30 (or whenever) and then it’s game on. So I mope around and the minute it strikes that time, I’m over it and back in business! Mind over matter!" @woods_wanderlust

Have a wonderful, energised day peeps!


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