How to use


Bubnest was designed to make life easier for new parents and their bubs. Bubnest can be used anywhere bub is resting. It is perfect for travelling as bub can sleep anywhere stress free. Having their own nest, their own place to rest will help them settle easier as they will quickly recognise the smell and feel of their nest. We like to call them baby whisperers.
    There are three sizes for the single Bubnest with different length inner mattresses: 
    • Mini appx 60cm
    • Regular appx 70cm
    • Maxi appx 80cm
    All sizes are 26cm wide and the edges are approximately 10cm in diameter. The twin size is appx 56 cm wide and 70cm tall.  


    How long can the bubnest be used for? As long as bub likes it. Some bubs stop using the Bubnest when they start rolling, others use it for years. In our own experience, we thought the Bubnest was most useful between 0-8 months. Start using the Bubnest tied up and when bub grows taller untie at the bottom, just like this: 

        We hope you will love your Bubnest. We are all for making life as a parent easier, so please don't be afraid to contact us with your feedback! We take it all in, and you can trust that! Don't forget to share your story on #bubnest, it's where we all like to hang out and connect.