What size should I order?

Answer: We recommend the regular size bubnest. We have kept our original size (mini) as there are some babies who are born tiny and it will last them a really long time. We used the the mini with all our babies and they were all big from birth.The mini will easily last 6 months as you will be using it untied the last few months. Maxi is recommended for bubs already over 4 months old. It will fit a one year old. We also recommend this size for babies who are big from birth and who has tall parents. This size is bulkier, and wont fit as nicely in bassinets, prams or in the plane bassinet.

Is it safe?

Answer: Bubnest was created with your bub's health and safety in mind. We have considered all risks and taken action to minimize potential hazards. We have not had a single issue reported since we started. Please click on the tab called "the Bubnest" for more info regarding safety and usage.

How long does it usually take to get a bubnest? What is the lead-time?

Answer: We have most nest in stock normally. We recommend you to order in time as we can not predict future orders or any potential production / material issues or delays.  

Where is the Bubnest being made?

Answer: In Brisbane, Australia.