Our story


"How did you survive without one of these?" I asked my mum as I popped my newborn daughter into the nest that I had on the ground in the bungalow while the rest of us unpacked for our weekend away. "I used to put you all on the floor and throw some pillow around you". My mum had four kids below the age of five, I wonder how she survived (and sometimes how we survived..) "One of these would have been handy" she said. That is when I realised that I had to bring this product to all new parents and grandparents out there. Bubnest® was born.

My name is Astrid Schwartz, I am from Sweden and have lived in Australia, the place I now call home, since 2010. Bubnest® was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide ease to new parents and make the beginning of life even more magical.


Our first product was a baby nest with Scandinavian design, produced in Australia out of organic material sourced from mills across the globe. Keeping production in Australia is something that is close to my heart, it ensures we get top quality products manufactured under fair trade conditions and it provides flexible working opportunities for women that cannot find the right balance in the 'traditional' corporate world while juggling work, home, and family responsibilities. When arriving in Australia, I was shocked that many women gave up on career and future income potential because of inability to find flexible working opportunities. At Bubnest® our team can schedule the work around their life, work while caring for children and be there for school and childcare drop-offs and pick-ups. This is my way to contribute to an equal society.


After starting with just two seamstresses we have grown to a tea of nine and our headquarters has opened in Wilston, Brisbane. Together we are here to provide you with ease so that you can enjoy the magical time with your new bub even more.