Washing instructions for baby nest 1.0


In order for the organic material to keep shape and form, spot wash is recommended. Use a damp cloth on the stain and dry in full sun or with a hair dryer on low setting, not too close to the fabric. Like you and me, Bubnest likes fresh air and sunshine. If Bubnest is left damp for a long time mould may develop, therefore keep an eye out for wet spots and make sure Bubnest stays dry. Liners are good at absorbing dribble and are easier to wash.

In case of the occasional baby juice accident, Bubnest can be washed on a delicates machine wash program (below 40 degrees Celsius). Thereafter Bubnest needs to dry promptly in full sun and/or in a tumble drier on a delicates (low heat) program until completely dry. Every now and then, take out and fluff up.

Do not leave damp as the unbleached and untreated wadding might stain the fabric. If yellow/brown stains appear, wash again and make sure the baby nest dries promptly.

In some instances, washing may cause the wadding to clump together. If this happens, use your hands to separate the wadding and distribute evenly.

Do not use any temperatures above 40 degrees, as this will ruin the organic cotton.

The organic cotton does not contain any harmful chemicals to improve the performance of the material. Your bub can rest in a chemical free, safe environment, which was created with your bub’s health in mind. We love this planet and we want to leave it better than we found it. The price we have to pay for this is care (and a bit more pain...) when washing.


This is a baby product and with all things baby, use with caution and don’t do anything crazy you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Don’t leave your child unattended, make sure bub lies on his/her back in the nest at all times, don’t leave your baby on anything it can fall from, don’t leave your baby under a child’s supervision.

For bub’s health and safety, the organic material does not contain any fire retardants. Never leave Bubnest close to a fire.
Use with common sense, love and respect.