Why 100% natural latex?


Natural latex is a white sap extracted from the Hevea Brasilienesis tree. Our mattresses are made using 100% natural latex and are totally free from toxic and harmful chemicals. Natural latex has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. No fungus, bacteria, dust mite or any other unhealthy organisms can live inside a latex mattress.



Natural latex sap is processed using the Dunlop method. The milky-white sap is poured into molds to form mattresses, which gives the mattresses an open cell structure that allows optimal breathability and airflow. The structure of our natural latex mattresses also results in a cool and comfortable sleep for your baby.    


The average CO² emission per person per year in Australia and the United States is approximately 20 tons, which causes global warming. The natural latex tree is among the most ecological trees in the world. A single Hevea tree absorbs about 1.8 tons of CO²  in its lifetime. Globally, all latex plantations together offset 90 million tons of CO²  per year. Using GOLS Organic- and Oeko-tex certified latex guarantees that we are working with the best quality materials. Click here  (insert link)  for more information about our certifications.